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Review of Witchcraft in America by Peggy Saari:

Witchcraft in America portrays itself as an overview of Paganism in America from the 1600s to modern day. However, this is very misleading. The book is divided into three section: An Overview, Primary Sources, and Biographies. The first two section are primary concerned with the Salem Witch Trials with a small section at the end devoted to Neo-Paganism (mostly Wicca). The Biographies are all about people alive during the Salem Witch Trials with the exception of Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804-1864). While this book does give a good account of the Salem Witch Trials, it does not begin to describe any paganism or witchcraft after that point.

The only Neo-Pagan religion that is mentioned in the book is Wicca and no other forms of net-paganism is even referred to. As a Pagan myself, I found this book to be extremely disappointing (not even factoring in the excerpts from papers during the Salem Witch Trials which I found boring but could be of interest to someone who enjoys such things). I was hoping to read a book about how witchcraft developed in America, but I was only able to read about the Salem Witch Trials, a subject which has many of hundreds of book written about it. Sadly, I can only recommend this book to someone who is interested in the Salem Witch Trials not an entire history of Witchcraft in America.

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