The Treasure of Isian by Serena Clarke

The Treasure of Isian Review:

The Treasure of Isian by Serena Clark is the first book in the Isian series. The story follows Elani, a servant, and Garin, a prince. The story was very good and interesting, but I felt it could have been expanded on. It was a very short read, one I was able to finish in a few hours. I enjoyed the story, but some parts were fairly obvious and that took away from the mystery of the treasure. Also, the story raced along and you felt like it was being pushed through. I would have enjoyed seeing the ‘in-between’ parts fleshed out more and learning more about each character. While this was a good read and I wouldn’t tell anyone not to read it, I have to say it left me feeling a bit disappointed.

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review


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