The Monsters Are In Your Head

The Monsters Are In Your Head by Samantha C. Fischer

“Hush little baby don’t say a word
And never mind that noise you heard
It’s just the beast under your bed
In your closet in your head”
(Enter Sandman by Metallica)

“I still think you’re too chicken to go in there.”

Tyler still couldn’t believe that Christie was gonna go into that old abandoned house.

“Just because you have no backbone, Tyler, doesn’t mean that everyone else is the same way.”

Christie knew that she was crazy for doing this, but if she backed out now Tyler would tease her about it for weeks. So instead she took a deep breath to steady herself and walked across the street. She could hear Tyler’s footsteps following behind her and she glanced back at him.

“I guess I better come and protect you,” he said.

Christie just lifted one side of her mouth in a smile that was almost a smirk and continued. As she first walked up to the house, she had this feeling of being watched. Even though it was a bright sunny day, it somehow felt like the light was dimmed as soon as she walked through the ivy covered front gates. After she jumped at the squeaky gate shutting behind them, she slowly began to walk towards the house. This yard has definitely seen better days, Christie thought. The ivy had taken over everything from the front gate, all the way across the yard and up the sides of the house. She could see light through a curtain in one of the windows above, but the house was supposed to be abandoned. It must be a trick of the light, Christie told herself.

As they cautiously made their way to the front door, Christie shivered as if a cold breeze had suddenly passed. The hair on the back of her neck stood up and her arms were covered in goose bumps. Christie wondered who had cleared the ivy from the front door. It was almost impossible to see the brick underneath the ivy, but the front door was perfectly clear. She looked behind her to see if Tyler was still there, and he was, but he looked like he would be very willing to turn tail and run if she suggested it. The street behind them was deserted.

Christie started to wonder why she had decided to come here in the first place, but stopped herself from over thinking and began forward again. After all, she thought, ghosts aren’t even real. She reached for the front door and opened it. Both of them stepped inside and the door squeaked closed behind them.

“Did you shut the door?” Tyler asked.

“No,” Christie replied, “It was probably just the wind.”

After a couple of seconds of silence, Christie reached into her bag, pulled out a small flashlight, and turned it on.

“Good thing I always carry this right?”

Tyler said nothing but nodded quickly. Christie wasn’t sure if it was the flashlight that made Tyler so pale or if he was really that scared. Christie was more worried about her parents or cops than ghosts or monsters. If she missed dinner, her dad was gonna freak.

“So do we go upstairs or downstairs first?” Christie asked.

“I don’t care, upstairs I guess since it looked like there was a light on.”

Christie nodded and began to wonder if maybe there was something weird about this house since Tyler saw the light upstairs too. As they slowly crossed to the staircase, Christie shone the flashlight around what appeared to be a foyer. There were a couple open doorways to other rooms along with two staircases, one leading upstairs and one leading downstairs.

The staircase leading upstairs was carpeted with what was a nice green many years ago, and now was an ugly puke color. Surprisingly the staircase did not creak as they headed up and when they reached the top they were met with a hallway carpeted in the same color as the stairs. All of the doors were closed and after looking at each other, Christie turned to her right and began opening doors. After a moment’s hesitation, Tyler turned to the left and began to do the same thing.

The first room that Christie went into was the one that appeared to have a light on from outside. When she opened the door, the entire room was dark. She reached out and found the light switch, but when she tried to turn it on, nothing happened. Christie shone her flashlight around the room and saw that she was standing in the door to a bedroom. There was a bed in one corner and a table with a lamp on it in the other. If the electricity had been working, the lamp on the table would be visible through the window to the street outside.

Next to the bedroom was another room that appeared to be a closet. There was nothing in there, just a bar to hang clothes from. Across the hall was another bedroom. The room across form the stairs was the one that interested Christie the most. It was a gigantic library. While she was gazing in awe at the thousands of books in front of her, Tyler suddenly appeared next to her and put his hand on her shoulder.

“Holy crap Tyler! You almost gave me a heart attack.”

“Sorry, did you find anything?” Tyler asked.

“That room that should have a light has a lamp and a desk and bed in it. Looks like it was someone’s bedroom a long time ago. The room next to it is a closet and that on the other side of the hall is another bedroom. And I found a library. What did you find?”

“Just a couple bedrooms and a bathroom. There’s nothing here. Maybe we should get out of here.”

“I wanted to check out these books though. They look like they are in really good condition. Plus we haven’t checked out the basement yet, and don’t you think that it’s weird that from the outside there’s a light on upstairs, but in here none of the lights are on? I even tried the light switch in the first room and there’s no electricity.”

Tyler just shrugged in response. Christie knew she wasn’t going to get anything more out of him about it. She decided to try one more thing.

“Look, we’ll run downstairs, check out the basement real quick and if there’s nothing interesting then we’ll get out of here and go get some ice cream or something ok?”

Tyler slowly nodded and the two of them headed down the steps and then down to the basement. It was much colder down there and Christie shivered as they reached the bottom of the steps. Christie immediately went to the first door on her right and opened it. Tyler followed her into what appeared to be a bedroom. Across from the door where they were standing was another door that looked like it led to a closet.

Suddenly they heard a crash from upstairs and Tyler screamed. Dust filtered from the ceiling causing both of them to sneeze.

“It was probably just a painting or something falling upstairs. The ceiling is still holding so we’re just fine,” Christie tried to sound reassuring, but wasn’t sure that she succeeded.

As they continued to look around the room, they saw a bed against one wall and a children’s size desk against the other. Who would make their child sleep down in the basement? Christie wondered to herself. It was really cold and Christie was pretty sure she could see her breath.

The carpet was worn like the one upstairs, but it was pink. The bed had pillows and what was once a pink comforter on it. The skirt on the bed was once white, but now had tears in it and look somewhat grey. The desk was a faded pink and had some papers and crayons on the top. The drawings were not little girl drawings. The one on the top of the pile was what appeared to be the closet door of the bedroom they were in. The door was partially open and there was a pair of eyes visible in the dark.

“That’s kinda creepy,” Tyler said.

“Yeah, maybe they shouldn’t have left her down here by herself,”Christie replied.

Christie looked quickly through the other drawings and they all looked similar. This little girl must have really been freaked out by her closet at night. Each one contained the same eyes looking out from the dark. The very last drawing was the most detailed and at the bottom it said “The monsters live in your head”.

Suddenly they heard another crash, only this time it sounded like it was coming from inside the closet.

“Let’s get out of here,” Tyler stuttered.

Christie nodded and they both headed for the door to the hallway. They heard the door behind them creak open and as they glanced back, both saw a pair of eyes looking at them. This time they both screamed and ran back up the stairs, out the front door, and were across the street before they finally stopped to catch their breath. They looked at each other and then back at the house, which looked the same as before with one light visible through the same upper window.

“Let’s go home,” Christie suggested and Tyler nodded. They took off down the street and neither saw the curtain in the upstairs room shift slightly.

About Samantha C. Fischer

Samantha C. Fischer lives in Virginia with her daughter. She spends her days working a ‘real job’ and her nights and weekends trying to juggle spending time with family, reading, and writing book reviews. Her interests and passions include all things pagan, any book with a good story line that draws you in, and nature. Samantha graduated from American Public University with a Bachelor’s in English.
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