The Fire and the Forge by Jack Geurts

Review of The Fire and the Forge by Jack Geurts:

The Fire and the Forge by Jack Geurts it the first book in the Pantheon series. This book follows the journey of a young man who knows nothing about his past. This book uses flashbacks to show the history of the characters. There are two separate backstories to this book, along with the ‘present’ story line. The author breaks up the backstories into several chapters and then spreads them throughout the present day story line. This leaves the reader learning only information as it is necessary, instead of all at once. The author does this extremely well and the reader has to continue reading to answer the questions the main character is asking as well. In addition to seamlessly working in multiple backstories and histories, the author also has to explain several races of people and the different magical powers each posses and gods that they worship. The author manages to give you this information without slowing down the story line or overwhelming the reader with too much information at once. I really enjoyed this book and hope to read the rest of the series.

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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