Southbound by Joseph Ferguson


Since this is a compilation of short stories, I’ve decided to review each story seperately. Overall I found the book to be highly enjoyable and left me wanting more.

After The Crux

I really enjoyed this story though the ending did make me a bit sad. I was expecting it to end differently. I do like how the narrators accent came through in the writing. It reminded me of Uncle Tom’s Cabin.


This story was different from the first, but just as good. The first story showed us an outsiders view of Basement Man, but this story gave us an insight to how he thinks. It was very well done and again the ending had a twist.

Invitation To The Blues

This story was pretty much just constant stream-of-consciousness by Basement Man. Some parts were harder to keep up with, but the pacing of the story was excellent.

Basement Man’s Exorcise Program

This was probably the shortest story in the book, but one of my favorites. It’s Basement Man’s version of Adam and Eve. Having grown up in a Christian home I know the original story well, but to be honest, this one is even better.

Sand Castles


This story is another stream-of-consciousness story by Basement Man while sitting on the beach. This time he is stoned and drunk while thinking, so it makes the story a little more jumpy, but still really good.

The Highly Syncopated Ghost of Jack Kerouac

This story was the weirdest. It focuses on Basement Man taking a trip and passing out in a bar. They pick up a hitchhiker on the way who is even weirder than Basement Man, which says a lot.

Summer Again


This last story takes place about 50 years after the previous one. The narrator is an old man in a retirement home who meets Basement Man. He tells Basement Man’s last story and the ending leaves us wondering if Basement Man is still alive or not.

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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