Reckoning by Guy Estes

Review of Reckoning by Guy Estes:

Reckoning by Guy Estes is the second book in the Sisters of the Storm series. This book takes place after Triad, the first book in the series. The story line in this book was just as good, and possibly even better than the first. This book tells the story of Baezha and the events of her life before she meets Aleena in the first book. This book then continues along that path. As a Pagan, I feel like there were definitely some undertones of Pagan vs Christian religions that were portrayed in this book. There were also quite a few violent and graphic scenes depicted in this story that would not be appropriate for y0unger readers and may be upsetting for those who do not like gore. The copy of the book I received did need to be edited again for some small spelling errors and a couple syntax errors. Other than that, the story was gripping, the characters were well rounded and the book drew you in and left you wanting more.

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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