Misery by Stephen King

Review of Misery by Stephen King:

Misery by Stephen King is a story about Paul Sheldon, an author who gets into an accident during a snow storm. This story takes place over the course of about six months or so. During this time, he is under the care of Anne Wilkes who is, according to her, his number one fan. The story begins with Paul coming out of a coma after the accident. We then follow his memories to how he ended up where he was. After finishing his most recent novel, Fast Cars, he decides to drive west instead of getting on an airplane and going home. While driving, he ends up in a snow storm in Colorado and flips his car.

In the accident his legs are crushed and he is left unable to walk, or even sit up. This accident is eerily familiar to Stephen King’s accident in 1999 although this book was written in 1987, over ten years earlier. The reader is taken along a journey of pain and horror. We must watch Paul struggle to keep some semblance of his personality. Anne Wilkes is a formidable woman and is determined to get what she wants. This book is quite graphic in some parts, but also contains surprising humor. Despite being sadistic, Anne seems to have a dislike for vulgar language. She uses words such as Cockadoodie and calls everyone she doesn’t like a brat. This book scared me and I loved it.


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