Midnight Blade by T.L. Branson

Review of Midnight Blade by T.L. Branson:

Midnight Blade by T.L. Branson is one of three prequels to the Soul Stones Series. The second is Kingsbane and the third is Soul Siphon. This short story tells us the history of how Callum came to work for the King of Sunbury. While this was a short tale, it contained quite a bit of backstory and information. Callum is an orphan who does not know who his parents are and is used by those around him like a pawn. By the end of this story, Callum knows who his father is and decides where his loyalties lie. In the end, he is no longer a pawn but seen as someone who can be trusted and counted on.

There were a couple twists in the story along the way and the characters were well done. Since this was a short story, we only got a glimpse into the world of Sunbury and it’s neighbors. However, this glimpse was enough for us to understand who the main characters are and how they tie together. When the full novel is published, I expect to see the main characters of the King and Callum to be expanded upon and given greater depth. Overall, the story was excellent and makes for a good quick read.

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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