In Memory of Chester Bennington R.I.P.

Linkin Park and Friends Celebrate Life In Honor of Chester Bennington
Linkin Park and Friends Celebrate Life Poster

Tonight, Linkin Park is having a concert in honor of Chester Bennington. Linkin Park has always been close to my heart. No matter where I was in life, their songs always touched me in a way no other band did. No matter how many times I listen to their music, it never grows old. For almost half my life I’ve been listening to Linkin Park. As I grew older, the band’s music grew with me. Every album was a new chapter in a growing story and even though I’m not a teenager anymore, Hybrid Theory and Meteora still speak to me and remind me of what I’ve overcome. Numb was the first song I heard by them and it literally saved my life. That song spoke to me in a way I didn’t know music could. It opened a door and showed me I wasn’t alone. Even as “friends”, who were really more acquaintances, came and went, Linkin Park has always been a constant in my life. The scars on my arm remind me that my pain was real and Linkin Park reminds me that I’m not alone in that pain. I’ve loved every album they have written, though some songs speak to me more than others. I have, as far as I know, every album they’ve produced, including the Linkin Park Underground albums. Will they be issuing one this year? I don’t know. Maybe it will be a live version of the concert today. That would be pretty cool.

Chester took his life because he couldn’t handle this life anymore. I can understand that. I’ve been there. I almost did it myself. I’ve seen a lot of people give him shit because he left behind 6 kids. Those people don’t understand. They say he’s selfish. Chester was not selfish. Depression does things to your thoughts that you can’t explain. It makes you feel like the world would be better off without you in it. Sometimes the pain and sadness are so strong that suicide feels like the only way out, the only way to make it end. I don’t know if Chester left a suicide note, and we will probably never know what he was feeling that day as he made his final choice. We know he struggled; we know he loved. This world is a cruel place and it was cruel to Chester. He had a big heart and gave as much as he could. He helped his fans and anyone else he could. If only he had let someone else help him. I never got to meet Chester and I wish I had. Although I try to live my life with no regrets, the one regret I will allow myself is that I was never able to see Linkin Park live and meet the band. I wish I had tried harder, but I didn’t know that opportunity was a limited one. I always said, maybe next year, maybe the next tour. Now it’s too late. I can still meet the band if they continue to write songs, but it won’t be the same. I felt a connection with Chester that shouldn’t be possible between two people that have never met, especially since he didn’t even know I existed.

I believe there is an afterlife and I hope to see Chester there so I can hug him and thank him for saving my life. Now it is my turn to pay it forward and do what I can to help others. I can’t sing or build houses or donate money, but I can help struggling writers by writing free reviews for their books. Instead of making money from my website, I’ve decided to keep it permanently free. Self published authors are struggling to share their art with the world and if I can help them I will. If you are still reading this post and you are an author with a book you need reviews for, please, feel free to submit it. I will read your book, and if I like it, I will review it. It may take me a long time to get through all the books that will be submitted, but I promise to at least read the first 10 pages of every book that is submitted to me and if I don’t like it, I won’t review it, but if I do like it, I will finish it and write a review. This is my way of giving back, of helping others. It might not seem like much, but it’s something.

I loved you Chester, in a way I can’t explain and that some may not understand, but I loved you. I wish you had been able to see how much you were loved, not only by your friends and family, but by your fans. Your fans were the ones you touched without realizing it. The ones you helped unintentionally. The ones who will carry your memory on and try to continue what you have started and maybe one day the world will be a better place because of it. We will always miss you, but as long as someone, somewhere, is listening to your music, you will never truly die.

Rest In Peace, Chester Bennington. You deserve it.

I don’t have the resources to be able to be in LA today to see the concert, but Linkin Park, being the amazing band that they are, will be streaming the concert live. If you want to watch it you can by clicking here.

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