Impossible to Love by Heena Patwa

Review of Impossible to Love by Henna Patwa:

Impossible to Love by Henna Patwa is the first book in the Starlite Heart series. I found this book to be extremely simple and badly edited. There were several grammatical errors, especially considering how short this story was. I felt like the author should have taken more time to round out the characters and give them more depth. Due to how short this book was, I feel that it had plenty of room to expand and become a better story. After finishing the book, I’m still not sure what the actual plot of the story was. All of the characters were difficult to keep track of. There are three species in her book: humans, starlites, and nymphs. I’m still not 100% sure which species half of the characters actually are. The book began with a story that was cut off half way through and never finished. The author also gave too many foreshadowings that weren’t really a foreshadowing. At one point she tells you that a character dies a chapter before they actually do. It made for very jerky reading. Sadly, I would not be able to recommend this book to anyone. The potential for a great story is there, but the execution was poor.

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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