Heathen Families: Fables and Essays by Mark Ludwig Stinson

Review of Heathen Families: Fables and Essays by Mark Ludwig Stinson

Heathen Families: Fables and Essays by Mark Ludwig Stinson is a collection of short stories and essays. These short stories, or fables, teach lessons from the Havamal. At the end of each fable, the author references which stanza of the Havamal the lesson comes from. The Havamal is a collection from the Viking times which are used by Heathens as a code of morals or ethics. Even if you are not Heathen, these stories still teach important lessons. After the section of fables, the author also includes several essays about families, children, and ancestors.

I found these essays to be quite informative. However, the author does mention that these essays were included in his previous book, Heathen Gods, or will be included in his future book, Heathen Tribes. Even though I skipped the repeated essays from Heathen Gods, I still enjoyed the book. I recommend this book to anyone with children. Regardless of religious views, the moral lessons in this book are universal.

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