Dolores Claiborne by Stephen King

Review of Dolores Claiborne by Stephen King

Dolores Claiborne by Stephen King is a first person narrative of a woman, Dolores Claiborne, who has been accused of murdering her employer, Vera Donovan. The story opens with Dolores telling the people interviewing her that she did not murder Vera, but did murder her husband. She then goes back to when she and her husband met and narrates the story of her life. Dolores is a very blunt old woman. Although she could end up in jail for her story, she tells it anyways. We do not ever get to “hear” the dialogue of the other people in the room, but Dolores answers them when they interrupt her with questions. Overall, the story was quite interesting. Although technically Dolores should go to jail for killing her husband, she gives a compelling argument for self-defense. After her testimony is over, she is a free woman. I greatly enjoyed this story and would recommend it.

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