Darkest Siege by Ryan Wilshusen

Review of Darkest Siege by Ryan Wilshusen:

Darkest Siege by Ryan Wilshusen is the first book of the Blade Chronicles series. This book follows Emsos who suddenly begins having visions of the past and present and Ishik who has never belonged. These two boys have been outcasts but fate brings them together with surprising twists. Along the way, they make a few friends, Kiraj, a werewolf, and Paolin, an awkward boy who has more secrets than even he knows. Together the four of them must unite the Kingdoms against a common enemy, Vrasta.

This book is excellently written and draws you in from the first page. Full of secrets and back story, Darkest Siege leaves you wanting to know what happens next. I greatly enjoyed this book and found it difficult to put down. While many secrets and histories are revealed in this book, there are many questions which have yet to be answered. This leaves the reader eager for answers that will hopefully be in the second book in the series. The author has found that perfect balance of giving us enough history for it to make sense, but still leaves us with enough questions to want to read the sequel.

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