Are you an author and looking for someone to review your book?

UPDATE: My reading list is huge so I am currently not accepting any more books for reviews. I will let you know when I am open for more books. Thank you.

In between writing my new book and taking care of my family I’m looking for new authors who need reviewers for their books. If you have a book that you would like me to review, please comment below or email me at

It takes me roughly a week to read each book (depending on the length) and I do have some books I have already promised to review, but I am always looking to add more books to the list.

If you email me a copy of your book I will review it for free. I will email you when I start the book and then when I have finished and reviewed it. I post reviews as soon as I finish the book.

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About Samantha C. Fischer

Samantha C. Fischer lives in Virginia with her daughter. She spends her days working a ‘real job’ and her nights and weekends trying to juggle spending time with family, reading, and writing book reviews. Her interests and passions include all things pagan, any book with a good story line that draws you in, and nature. Samantha graduated from American Public University with a Bachelor’s in English.
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