A Marble Heart by Travis Gulbrandson

Review of A Marble Heart by Travis Gulbrandson:

A Marble Heart by Travis Gulbrandson, based off of a real story, follows the story of Mrs. Julia Anna Baker and her homes for children. This book was quite moving and as a mother, I cannot understand how someone could treat children the way she did. Not only did it give you an insight to what she did to children left in her care, but it also showed how her own children suffered, even though they were better cared for. For a woman who claimed to love children, she did not treat them with any love and even tried to turn her own children against each other. She was a bitter spiteful woman who ruined countless children’s lives in order to make a buck.

This story was well told overall, but it would have been helpful the more clearly define the jumps in time, by either clearly defining the years as they were described or using phrases to show time had passed (such as one year later, six months later, etc.). Overall, I would recommend this story to anyone, but warn that it can be heartbreaking, especially for mothers. There were a few times while reading that I did have to stop myself from crying out of sympathy for the children, especially when I remembered that this is a true story.

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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